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Opening Date: February 12, 2021
You asked? We have done! NyaRO the new Ragnarok Online server from df.

Active WoE & Guild Packs, Re-balanced Battlegrounds with the custom mode, PvP arena and ranking system, Fishing system, Daily Login bonuses, Server-side autopotion, European dedicated server with the strong DDoS protection, etc.

Join NyaRO, the best Ragnarok Online server in 2021!

by df (darkfate)

We will be happy if you join our communities:
We see no reason to have dead forums, we communicate in real time using messengers.

Server Rates:

Weekdays Rates
  • 35x | 35x | 25x
Weekends Rates
  • 50x | 50x | 25x
Static Rates
  • Normal Cards: 100x (1.00%)
  • MVP: 3x
  • MVP & Mini-Boss Cards: 1x (0.01%)
  • Gemini, Salamander, Byorgue Cards: 0.99%
  • Quest Experience: 20x
  • Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: 10x

Main Server Information:

  • Episode: 13.3+ - El Dicastes
  • Server Mode: Pre-Renewal
  • Emulator: Hercules
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 dex
  • Minimum delay: 0.2s (5 skills per second)
  • Item usage delay: 0.1s
  • Type: International Private Server
  • Main Language: English
  • Server time (Timezone): Estonia/Tallinn
  • Homunculus/Mercenary autoloot is disabled
  • Max Share Range: 20 levels
  • Auto-clickers is allowed only for skill spam
  • Auto-potion is allowed (Lemon Tools, Potsy)

Game server features:

  • LGP is an analog of the RCX, which is integrated into the game client
  • Improved positional movement of characters
  • Different in-game commands that facilitate gameplay
  • A great stylist who has a lot of hairstyles and palettes (Kami-Shi)
  • NPC Costume Maker to create a costume item and reverse back to normal item
  • Extensive quest shop with a huge number of Headgears and much more
  • Claw Machine with unique prizes
  • Same-sex marriage: Allowed
  • Daily Reward System
  • Smart Restock System
  • Bridge between IRC in-game channels and Discord Server
  • Monsters Respawn saving (after server maintenance, restart, scripts reload)
  • Possibility to purchase a color of your character name and custom auras
  • When using the Vending skill to open a store, you can choose the currency for which the items will be sold: Zeny, Cash Points, War Badges


  • BattleGrounds 2.0 (modified and improved by our team)
  • New Battle Room in the Trinity town
  • Advanced jobs with 90+ base level can get a free Battleground set once for 7 days.
  • Conquest 2.0 (With the castle rotation)
  • KVM Best of 3 mode
  • Triple Inferno (With increased rewards)
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Resurrection - Custom BG Mode
  • Helpers system on BattleGround
  • Fully working command to create a vote for a change of leader or kick player (@bgvote)
  • Free Soul Linker Spirit buff is available only for Soul Linkers, but Soul Linker can be dispelled except Soul Linker Spirit
  • Stalker: The effect of Plagiarism does not work on Battlegrounds. Your Plagiarism skill will not be overwritten even if you were dispelled and attacked with another skill
  • Available command @guildskill EC/RS/RG/BO
  • The number of earned War Badges on BG depends on the number of participants
  • Weekly awards for top players
  • Party registration in one team (up to 3 members)
  • BG shop where you can find all kinds of consumables for battles
  • The possibility of buying PvM consumables in exchange for War Badges

War of Emperium:

  • WoE 2.0
  • Loki, Gospel, Abracadabra, High jump, Kaizel skills are disabled on the territory of the castle
  • Max Cap on WoE 2.0: 24 members
  • Guild Alliance: Disabled
  • MvP Cards on WoE: Disabled
  • MBK, Sharp Shooting, Provoke Skills work when applied to guild members
  • Extended and detailed WoE Ranking
  • Rental WoE equipments

Guild Locations:

  • A spacious location with nice bonuses when you improve:
    • Level 1 update: customizable buffs
    • Level 2 update: separate location for Abracadabra and MVP
    • Level 3 update: free warp to MVP locations
  • Free Summon MvP on location for Abracadabra (once per day) + upgradable to every 10h
  • All NPC (Including stylist, guild kafra, card remover)
  • For WoE Guild we have a Guild Locations fo free*
  • * Provides a location without any improvements, when the guild passes 3x woe, the location is automatically released (regardless of the upgrades made by the guild leader)

Unique Fishing system:

  • You can take a fishing rod and catch a fish for fun
  • While fishing you can obtain Angler Tokens and a Unique Fish
  • Fish can be exchanged for various useful items
  • Angler Tokens can be exchanged for fishing gear or various useful items
  • While fishing you can chat with other players

Hosting Information:

  • Game server hosted in Europe, Netherlands.
  • Anycast multi-proxy server (auto-choose and connect to nearest proxy)
  • Anti DDoS protection
  • Daily Auto-Backups